Get that peace-of-mind feeling.

Never miss a beat (or follow-up item) again. Notimo helps you capture, share, and action on your best ideas. So you’ll never get that sinking “uh-oh” feeling again.

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Your ultimate meeting companion for effortless collaboration and notetaking.

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Capture more than a recording.

Add context and timestamps to turn recordings into a library of learnings, highlights, and ideas.

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Keep everything in one place.

Never lose your Zoom recordings again with a single space to access and share past meetings and action items.

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Find what you need, when you need it.

Catch up on missed meetings in minutes, not hours, with @mentions and simple search functionality.

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Asynchronous communication.

Use @mentions and #hashtags to collaborate more effectively and breakdown silos with teams across different locations and time zones.

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Team-based note-taking.

See your colleagues’ notes in real-time to boost collaboration and supercharge creativity.

Accessible and searchable knowledge.

Access a hub of your organization’s recordings, notes, and learnings in one central location.

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Safe, secure (and bot free) meetings.

Rest assured that your data is protected with Zoom’s advanced encryption and security regulations.

We utilize Zoom recordings and transcripts, leveraging Zoom's trusted data—so no pesky meeting bots necessary!

Increased digital inclusivity.

Foster a more inclusive and equitable workplace by enabling everyone to contribute and collaborate, regardless of their learning style, work schedule, or geography.

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How teams use Notimo.

Notimo for Product Teams

Great products start with great collaboration.
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Use #hashtags to effortlessly capture important feedback and ideas during brainstorming sessions and customer meetings.

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Streamline communication and collaboration using @mentions to assign action items and follow-ups.

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Build prioritized feature roadmap by accessing timestamped highlights, and feedback in one place.

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Customer Success

Champion the voice of your customers.
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Use Notimos to seamlessly track, respond, and resolve customer issues—fast, improving the overall customer experience.

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Communicate important customer feedback and assign quick action items with @mentions.

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Capture, revisit, and share valuable customer insights with the right teams using #hashtags.

Talent Acquisition

Create an exceptional candidate experience.
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Conduct more engaging and efficient interviews by capturing candidate highlights and following up promptly on action items.

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Keep the hiring team and managers aligned and informed by creating simple follow-ups and @mentions.

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Access interview highlights all in one place to easily identify and share top candidates with hiring managers.

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Hybrid & Remote Teams

Stay connected and productive, from anywhere.
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Use Notimos, #hashtags, and @mentions to collaborate, even if you can’t make the meeting.

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Find, review, and engage with all team meeting highlights and action items from one place, when it works for you.

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Build a more inclusive and accessible workplace where remote workers feel valued and included.

“Notimo is awesome for user feedback sessions. I love how easy it is to hear first-hand from any of our customers, even if I can’t make the meeting.”

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Chris Bruzzi

EVP Product Development, Hubbl Diagnostics

Insights, and inspo, and blogs (oh my!)

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