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Frequently asked questions

What is a Notimo?

A “Notimo” is a moment from your meeting with the context of why it’s important. Notimos include a timestamp, a type (like question or action item), an optional note for context, and the ability to @mention your team or add a hashtag to help find it later.

How do I use Notimo with my team?

Anyone at your organization's domain can capture and share moments together with Notimos.

Notimos are time stamped micronotes you capture when important things happen in your meetings. A Notimo can be an action item, a question you need to ask someone who is not there, or just an easier way for you to take notes and find them later.

What Zoom plan do I need to use Notimo?

All Zoom Basic users can create Notimo's on any meeting. To add recordings in Notimo, the meeting host will need a paid license on a Zoom Pro account. To add transcripts in Notimo, the host will need a paid licenses on a Zoom Business account.

How much does Notimo cost?

Notimo is in Beta and is currently free. Download it from the Zoom App Marketplace to get started for free today.