Hi! We’re Notimo.

We’re on a mission to make work more human, connected, and inclusive.

Notimo team members smiling on a Zoom meeting call
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How we got here.

In an ever-evolving world of hybrid work, we’re passionate about empowering people to take action—quicker.

We build apps to connect the right people with the right moments to effortlessly collaborate, share, and take action during and after video meetings.

Notimo was born out of a need we had in our own startup: to build a more connected, efficient, “GSD” team—so we could deliver better features, faster.

We’d been noticing common frustrations with meetings—there were too many, they were repetitive, and and it felt like some team members were less likely to speak up during meetings to voice their questions, concerns, and ideas. We wanted a better way to be more effective and inclusive.

So, with our expertise in video engagement, we built Notimo. The value we experienced was so great, we knew we had to share with the world.

Notimo team members
Notimo team members
Notimo team members
Notimo team member with sticky notes of brand strategy elements
Notimo team members
Notimo team members
Notimo team members
Notimo team member with sticky notes of brand strategy elements

Meet the team.

We’re a distributed team of creatives, innovators, builders, and designers who work together across continents to build apps for virtual meetings. We’re passionate about connectedness and inclusive collaboration as well as energizing teams to take action quickly to bring their best ideas to life.

Notimo Team: Laura
Laura Subotky

Director, Product Management

Notimo Team: Chris
Chris Karpyszyn

Director, Engineering

Notimo Team: Sam
Samuel Biagioni

Product Marketing Manager

Notimo Team: Sid
Sid Zhao

UX Designer

Notimo Team: Asiel
Asiel Leal Celdeiro

Senior Backend Developer

Notimo Team: Eugene
Eugene Makarov

Senior Frontend Developer

Notimo Team: Francisco
Francisco Laria


Always purposeful, never common.

Notimo is backed by Uncommon Purpose, which supports entrepreneurs to build and scale products that address critical challenges.

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Inclusive hiring.

We are an equal opportunity employer and love diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability status.

Take the uncommon route.

Want to make a positive impact with technology? Join us. We’re developing products, and the people behind them.

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Connect better with Notimo.