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Getting Started

Notimo lets you quickly capture moments during your Zoom meetings. After the meeting’s over, you can collaborate on ideas and share knowledge with your team in the Notimo app.

Notimo is in beta at this time.

To add the Notimo app to Zoom, follow the steps below.


Step 1: Start a Zoom meeting so Notimo can link your Zoom meetings to your Notimo account
Step 2: Sign in to Zoom
Step 3: Open Zoom Apps and search for Notimo, then click Add
Step 4: Select Shared Access Permissions and click Allow
Step 5: Create Notimo Account with Google or Microsoft authentication
Step 6: Return to meeting and open Notimo from My Apps



Opening Notimo:
Open the Zoom Apps pane and select Notimo from the My Apps tab.

Recording your meeting:
You can use Notimo without recording, but Notimos are more useful with recording enabled. Notimo requires Zoom Cloud Recordings in order to show the recording on the Notimo webapp. If you’re the meeting host, Notimo will prompt you to record your meeting. If you’re a participant, Notimo will remind you to ask the meeting host to record.

Creating Notimos:
Post a Notimo by double clicking any of the five Notimo Types. You can select one of the types or start typing to freeze the timestamp while you add a micro note, mention, or hashtag. You can then publish the Notimo by clicking Post.

Editing Notimos:
Once you’ve posted a Notimo, you can edit the Notimo Type or text by clicking the three dots at the top right of the Notimo. From the edit menu, you can also adjust the timestamp or delete the Notimo.

Adding Hashtags:
To add a hashtag, type # then your text in the Notimo text box. Once you start typing, an autocomplete list of existing hashtags will appear to help prevent duplicates. You can select a hashtag from the list, or navigate and complete using your keyboard arrows and return/space.

Mentioning Team Members:
To mention a team member, start typing @ in the Notimo text box. An autocomplete list of available team members will appear, which you can select from. If the person you’re mentioning does not currently use Notimo, you’ll be prompted to share a Notimo invite via email after you complete the @mention.

Copying Meeting and Notimo Links:
For easy sharing to team members or other tools, you can copy a link to the meeting or a Notimo. To copy the meeting link, select the share button at the top of the Notimo feed. To copy a Notimo, select the copy Notimo button at the top right of a posted Notimo.

Changing Meeting Permissions in the Notimo webapp:
The meeting host can change meeting visibility by clicking the Share button at the top of the Notimo feed. The host can select between Anyone at your Organization, Meeting Participants at your Organization, and Only the Host. The default setting is Anyone at your Organization.


Meeting Recording Page:
The Meeting Recording Page is where the recording, transcript, and Notimos associated with the meeting will be displayed in the Notimo webapp. From the Meeting Recording Page, you can:

  • Watch the recording and review the transcript.
  • See Notimos on the recording timeline or in the right hand feed.
  • Edit your existing Notimos by clicking the Three Dots on the right side of a Notimo.
  • Create a Notimo at the current timestamp by clicking on the Pencil Icon on the bottom right of the recording, or clicking Create Notimo at the top of the Notimo feed.
  • Reply to a Notimo by clicking the Reply button on the right side of a Notimo.
  • Share the meeting link by clicking the Share button at the top of the recording.
  • Share a Notimo link by clicking the Copy Notimo button on the right side of a Notimo.
  • Change the visibility settings of the meeting you hosted by clicking the Share button at the top of the recording.

Home Page:
From the Home page, you can see notifications, trending hashtags, as well as tiles for recent meetings at your organization that you have access to. You can navigate to other pages by clicking on tiles or using the left hand menu.

All Notimos Page:
From the All Notimos page you can see all Notimos from recent meetings that you have access to. You can filter by hashtag or by type, or toggle between “All Notimos” or “My Notimos”.

All Meetings Page:
From the All Meetings page, you can see all meetings you have access to from newest to oldest.

Removing the Notimo App

Step 1: Log in at https://marketplace.zoom.us/
Step 2: Navigate to Manage > Added Apps
Step 3: Locate Notimo and click Remove


You can reach us at support@notimo.io from 9am-5pm CT Mondays to Fridays. Send us a message and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Frequently asked questions

How do I use Notimo with my team?

Anyone at your organization's domain can capture and share moments together with Notimos.

Notimos are time stamped micronotes you capture when important things happen in your meetings. A Notimo can be an action item, a question you need to ask someone who is not there, or just an easier way for you to take notes and find them later.

What Zoom plan do I need to use Notimo?

All Zoom Basic users can create Notimo's on any meeting. To add recordings in Notimo, the meeting host will need a paid license on a Zoom Pro account. To add transcripts in Notimo, the host will need a paid licenses on a Zoom Business account.

Who can see my Notimos and recordings?

Notimo is a collaboration app to help you and your team get back to important moments quickly and easily. By default, meeting visibility is set to anyone at your organization. As the meeting host, you can change the visibility setting to meeting participants at your organization, or host only. Notimos are also visible to anyone at your organization, but only those with access can click on the Notimo to view the meeting recording.

How much does Notimo cost?

Notimo is in Beta and is currently free. Download it from the Zoom App Marketplace to get started for free today.